Tween Dresses



Allyson Dress Lace Dress - laurenhelenecouture

Allyson Dress Lace Dress

Elle Vertical Stripe Dress in Blue - laurenhelenecouture

Elle Vertical Stripe Dress in Blue

Marietta Dress - laurenhelenecouture

Marietta Dress


Tween and Teenage Dresses

Shopping for your tweens and teens seems to get a little bit harder with each year older. Girls by this age have developed their own fashion sense, which might be quite different from your own. Finding tween clothing you both love may not be an easy task! But here at Laurengirl we aim to make it much easier. Tweens tend to be very aware of fashion trends and we want to help you to keep them looking their stylish best. We are moms too and we completely understand the difficulty in finding tween and teen girls fashion you both agree on. Laurengirl is a popular teenage clothing store, where you will find trendy and even cute modest clothes for tweens.