Estimated Delivery Times


Estimated shipping times means that your order will arrive within the time or shortly after. This method allows us to offer our customers many many more styles creating and one stop shopping. We are unable to guarantee an exact date for these item but please rest assured that your items will arrive around the estimated time frame. Once your item is ready to ship you will receive shipping notification and a tracking number. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.


Please note that Estimated Delivery Times apply to USA customers. International customers will need to allow extra time of 1-3 weeks for packages to reach your country depending on your location and your chosen shipping method. Express: 3-7 business days / Priority 7-10 business days /  1st Class 12-21 business days.

Custom Made to Order (Custom Tutu Dresses & Gowns)

Available in the USA, Canada & Worldwide! New arrivals added frequently - visit us today!  All of Our Gowns are Handmade in Dallas, Texas USA ~ Tailoring time for gowns is 3-4 weeks plus shipping time ~ Rush can be purchased it needed for Princess Gowns only.


Please note that we cannot be responsible for items once they are sent to the Postal Service. We are also not responsible lost or stolen packages. Shipping confirmation is sent to you via email and it is your responsibility to track and retrieve your package at time of delivery. We do not offer refund or replacement should such a event occur. You are welcome to purchase insurance so that you can file a claim for lost or stolen items should such an event occur.


Items returned due to incorrect or problem addresses will not warrant a refund and can be reshipped to customer’s correct address. Customer is responsible to re-shipping costs. Rush fees cannot be refunded.

1st class international packages cannot be tracked outside of the US and so may only show last port of exit such as New York. etc. We have never had an international package lost or fail to reach it's destination via the Postal Service but should such an event ever occur we cannot offer replacements or refunds on any international packages. Again insurance can be purchased if desired.

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