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    Sizing: Dresses are true to size US sizing

    * We recommend that you choose the size that your child currently wears.

    If your child does not fit into our chart below then please contact us to assist with choosing the correct size.

    All our gowns are made to order, we do not keep a stock of pre-made dresses, as our specialty is custom-fitted, custom designed clothing that fits our customers’ preferences. *Please understand that every dress in our store is made by our Laurengirl Workshops and her small team of seamstresses specifically for you, with your preferences in mind, size, colors, etc, we do not offer mass-produced merchandise. 

    In this regard, please always make sure to check current production time to ensure that you will receive your item(s) before your event.

    1. To Measure: 

    1. To measure chest... you will bring measuring tape all the way around the chest from armpit to armpit. Not pulling tape to snug and adding two fingers underneath tape to add wiggle room. This should give you and accurate chest size.

    2. To measure waist... bring tape all the way around the waist through the middle of the belly button and again not pulling to snugly and adding two fingers underneath tape to add wiggle room.

    3. To measure... you will start tape "on center top of one shoulder and measure down to desired hemline or to just touch floor for floor length dress.

    Length is measured from top of shoulder to hem. Full length dresses are intended to fall about 1/2" to 1" above the ground. 

    Please note that dresses are priced by size...Please contact us if you child does not fit within our Size/Length Chart Below.

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