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      Photographers needed at Laurengirl Children's Clothing Boutque

      * Want to become a member of our Laurengirl team?

       We are looking for a Permanent Photographer for our boutique clothing lines.

      You must have your own model.

      * Model Requirements:

      1. Model ages 4 years to 6 years only
      2. Approved model(s) only. (You cannot use any additional models or substitute models without Laurengirl approval.
      3. Very Long hair is preferred… we use a lot of hair accessories and many require longer hair.
      4. The child must have Model qualities. 


      1. Warmer weather states such as Florida or California is preferred. However you can live anywhere in the United States.
      2. You must be located somewhere with lovely urban or other scenic areas for photos. Plus beautiful “editing skills and beautiful interesting scenic areas to take picture. (Forests or wooded areas along with child standing on grass lawns is permitted without theme props to compliment outfit).
      3. A mix of indoor studio sessions is acceptable with approved backgrounds only.


      Our boutique theme is sweet and so we are looking for pretty very sweet photography styles.

      1. We are looking for attractive stylish photography. Photographer will need to have some sense of styling and children's fashion and accessories.
      2. Indoor and outdoor mix is acceptable.
      3. Artful editing


      1. We will need a minimum of one session per week.
      2. Permanent position for a photographer to grow with our boutique. 


      Compensation: Will include all clothing and accessories photographed.   Additional compensation can be discussed.

      If you are interested... we will need to see several pictures of your child or model and a link to see your work. We are looking for specify styling and cannot determine this without seeing your work!

      Please email photos, link and information to: laurengirlclothing@outlook.com